January 27, 2013, 9:40 am
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People who predicted bad things to result from Obamacare, i.e. the National Health Care Thing that all Smart People obsessively craved (without knowing diddly-squat about it) are seeing their predictions come true. But come on, What Difference Does It Make?

Arnold Kling with some counter-conventional-wisdom mortgage links. Do these matter? The debate is over.

SWP on Obama the intellectual lightweight. He’s a skinny sort-of-black guy who looks good in a suit though, he must be a genius.

Can libertarians support a sovereign wealth fund? Perhaps a more relevant question is, don’t we already have a sovereign wealth fund? (For example I hear our investment in AIG turned a profit.) I guess we may as well formalize it and hire better PMs.

Has solar power turned the corner into relevance without righty grumpy gusses noticing? I don’t know and don’t pretend to.

This piece (HT Dealbreaker):

By definition, anyone who is selling financial assets has the option of not selling them (assuming he is not desperate for cash). … No one has any business running money if they do not understand that this is how the game works.


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Check this out:

Comment by Pastorius

You’ll know when solar power becomes relevant because it won’t need subsidies. I think that’s almost a definition.

Comment by Borepatch

So, why is it obvious that subsidizing solar power today will cause it to be cheaper in the future? Wouldn’t we expect the opposite with subsidies?

If the government announces it is going to buy alot of X, do you think that the people who make X are going to spend more money to improve X? Or will they seek rent by putting as little money into the research of X production as possible?

Comment by Dave

For example I hear our investment in AIG turned a profit.

Fantastic, when can I expect my check?

Comment by Matt

Timothy Taylor has a good post on subsidizing energy.

Comment by ColoComment

Borepatch nails it. There’s like a gajillion petawatts hitting the earth every day. Stands to reason that we’ll eventually be harvesting some of that… But the best time to do it will be when… it is profitable to do it.

Comment by My Fake Name

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