I think having given it some thought, as a career I’m probably going to Curate next
February 4, 2013, 10:21 am
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After doing my expected upcoming stint as an ancient astronaut theorist, the next thing I want to be after that is a ‘Curator’ on the internet. Of stuff. A ‘curator’ of stuff on the internet. (I think that’s how you say it.)

Basically, for my job, I will ‘curate’ stuff. Full-time. Like, if there’s links (to stuff), stuff that I like, I could use Ctrl-C to copy those links and then Ctrl-V to paste them all together. Millions of people would then see the links I’ve ‘Curated’ and that’s how I get paid. Something like that.

I have a little investigation to do into how this ‘Curation’ works as a career path, what degrees are required, etc., but just on the face of it I think it could be really right for me. In a way, I already do it, just on an amateur basis (I have preserved my Amateur ‘Curator’ status). It just makes good clean sense to monetize those ‘Curation’ skills I’ve built up so it’d be almost stupid of me NOT to do it. (Become a ‘Curator’).


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You’re gonna need a license for that.

Comment by Pastorius

You laugh, but this is apparently why Andrew Sullivan has readers.

Comment by Matt

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