Aha, this explains why Jordan is the world-renowned capital of female mathematicians
February 10, 2013, 8:36 am
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Mathbabe links to this NY Times infographipiece as evidence – ‘the smoking gun’! – of gender bias in math. The evidence? Boys do better than girls in math in the U.S. This proves gender bias in math. QED.

Here’s the key chart:

If you click through to the piece and leaf through the slideshow, you’ll see that the blue dots to the left of the axis are, in addition to the United States, notoriously misogynous, cruel-to-females places such as Denmark, Liechtenstein, Iceland and that hellhole Canada.

The healthy, gender-equitable yellow-dot countries, meanwhile, include such utopias as Montenegro, Slovenia, Jordan, Albania, and Qatar.

I mean, do I really need to say more? The case rests here, doesn’t it?

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Now, let’s consider something that is new on the USA’s statistical horizon;

Boys in the US are doing less and less well in school,
going to college less and less,
and graduating from college less and less

in comparison to girls.

Just like Montenegro, Slovenia, Jordan, Albania, and Qatar.

Comment by Pastorius

I know that girls don’t actually get to go to college in those countries, but my point is this: where there is less opportunity, boys perform more poorly.

As this nation turns more and more into a third world hellhole itself, boys are performing less well in school, going to college less, and graduating from college less.

Because, why bother?

Comment by Pastorius

No no no, you just don’t get it: boys do worse than girls in Jordan, Qatar etc. because those places are feminist utopias compared to us. (And Canada.)

But seriously, my hunch says that (relatively) lesser male performance in those countries is less about ‘why bother’ than about ‘schooling is unmanly’ (compared to, say, making money smuggling and/or killing infidels). In other words there are cultural attitudes at play here that don’t lend themselves well to cross-boundary one dimensional analysis.

Not that that stops some people from trying. Nor should it, necessarily, but you’d have thought *someone* in the NYT editorial chain would have looked more closely at and actually *thought about* that infographic and realize that if Jordan is coming out in ‘top’ of their gender-bias-free metric…well maybe they’re doing it wrong.

Ah, the pitfalls of trying to push a narrative.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

I thought about this more, and I am obviously wrong in my second comment. While it is my opinion that Barack Obama is attempting to turn the United States system into something which more closely resembles Cuba and Venezuela than Denmark and Canada, we have not descended, yet, to the level of third world hellhole. That is a gross exaggeration.

Instead, I believe the reason girls are doing better in school is because education has been restructured to emphasize the talents possessed innately by girls, and while the natural talents of boys are not being exploited to the same degree as they have been in the past.

In my opinion, the result of this will be more third world type behavior (think Thug Life) by boys. In this sense, the inequalities in the educational system with presage the third worldization of America, instead of being the result of it.

Raising the level of girls will, to such unequal levels, will, in the long run, not bring about equality for girls, but a return to the type of society which is ruled by force rather than law. In other words, the vaunting of girls in the educational system will gradually create a society which will take power away from girls rather than empower girls.

But that is far enough out on the horizon at this point, that it will be ignored by Lefties, and when it happens it will be blamed, somehow, on radical right-wingers.

Comment by Pastorius

So we should reform our laws respecting women and education to be more like those of Jordan and Qatar. Ok, I’ll forward this on to the Yglesio-Klein axis and I’m sure they’ll get to work right away.

BTW, I love the subtle sexism inherent in how the “girls outperform boys” result is taken to be the obviously correct outcome which horrible racist Europe/America must be brought into line with.

Someone else at the mathbabe link brought up another funny point, that very few countries get beyond a 4% differential, which is practically at the level of noise.

Comment by Matt

Meant “sexist Europe/America” there, but then same difference.

Comment by Matt

I admit I am totally in favor of bans on hiring men in all STEM fields for ivy league colleges and universities for the next fifty years. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

Comment by Eris Guy (@ErisAtNyx)

Couldn’t it be something like the phenomenon of Jews excelling in finance and trade when Christians and Muslims were prohibited from lending money for interest, and Jews were excluded from most agricultural, military, or political careers? Without deciding whether men would outperform woman in all rational and correctly structured cultures, we might see a pattern in which either men or women were systematically given incentives or disincentives to study math and science. Young students can be very sensitive to cultural cues about what courses of study are “unmanly” or “unfeminine.” Even assuming there are genetic reasons for men to excel in STEM, the preference may be small enough to be swamped by social trends here and there.

Comment by Texan99

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