Harlem Humbug
February 19, 2013, 7:52 pm
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I’m just so glad I don’t work at the sort of ‘trendy’ place that decides to do stuff like make a ‘Harlem Shake’ video. I’d be the guy refusing to participate just wanting to stay at my desk (or go out for lunch while they do it, if they’re doing it where my desk is). And some annoying person would be all “Come onnnnn, just join us, it’s fuuun” and I’d be like No, can’t you see how stupid, faddish and lemming-like this all is? Don’t you feel dumb and robotic participating in lame nerd-trendy ‘memes’?

And then I’d have a rep for not being a ‘team player’, and would never get promoted.

Wake me in 6-9 months when the “Harlem Shake” thing shows up in the pre-credits segment of an episode of The Office, so that everyone can be appropriately embarrassed they ever paid attention to this, and so that I can laugh at them. Actually nevermind, I’m already doing that.

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“Team player”, ugh. I really hate corporate culture sometimes, or maybe all of the time.

Comment by Matt

It gives me the shivers to think about. Though, honestly, I’d prefer it to the average cocktail party, and certainly to a weekend retreat. Just shoot me now.

Comment by Texan99

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