February 22, 2013, 10:04 am
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Stationary Waves has a plausible theory as to why $9 is a magic number when it comes to minimum-wage proposals.

I like “Thrift Shop” too and it’s great to see it become a hit, not only for the message but because I have been rooting for that guy ever since this song. I still love that song BTW.

Half Sigm THE LION OF TH’ BLOGOSPHERE predicts that Chris Christie will be the 2016 Republican Presidential nominee. You heard it there first. Pastorius, who loves Chris Christie and how fat and unmanly he is, would be ecstatic.

In Berkeley, a reported One Billion women danced to ‘celebrate women’s bodies’ – a worthy cause if there ever was one – and but also to end violence against women. I am curious to see if it worked. So far so good, as far as I can tell?

South Bend Seven, a bit uncharacteristically, doesn’t hold back on the minimum wage. Also liked John Cochrane.

I think my favorite aspect of this whole minimum wage debate has been the realization that the pro-minimum wage side is now wedded to this logic:

  1. I really really want there to be a higher minimum wage and for that to be economically non-retarded! But the arguments against it are intuitive, sort of obvious and that is discouraging and makes me feel bad.
  2. On paper/chalkboard, some blogger told me that there is a special degenerate imaginable boundary case called ‘monopsony’ in which raising wages would raise employment. Hey, that establishes that it is logically possible for rises in the minimum wage not to increase unemployment.
  3. Therefore, since it’s logically possible, and I don’t like the ramifications otherwise, we must actually be in that ‘monopsony’ situation, and are required to act accordingly! I can even call people dumb for ‘not knowing about monopsony’.

Gives me a chuckle to see this every time. I could entertain myself for an hour or two just by Google Blog-searching ‘monopsony’ and enjoying all the recent blog posts folks have littered the web with that are implicitly using logic 1-2-3 above.

I haven’t written about this stuff for a while, but it’s comforting to see that the insanity of wanting banks to somehow do banking without taking risk (which is part of the definition of modern banking) continues.

More infuriating TSA behavior. I’m pretty much at the point where my baseline assumption is that any person that takes a job going to work for the TSA in any capacity is a just plain bad human being. It is just not something that good people ought to, or would even want to, do.

Megan McArdle wrote a widely-linked piece that is basically about Smart People.

So, in case you haven’t seen this, apparently this is how you get girls’ numbers:

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The fact is, you heard it from ME first that that Fat, Faggot, Chris Christie would be the Republican nominee in 2016.

That’s why I’ve been harping on him the way I have been.

Sorry, but you’re the one who has been saying the guy doesn’t register on your radar because he’s not important. He’s just a Governor of a semi-small state, right?


Comment by Pastorius

Ha. I KNEW you’ve love that.

P.S. Just for the record, it’s Lion Of The Blogosphere who is predicting Christie/2016. Not me. Different blogger. (I know sometimes it seems like I’m secretly all bloggers but not in this case.)

Comment by The Crimson Reach

No, I know you’re not predicting it. And, I have never heard of Lion of the Blogosphere. But, the problem is, this guy does have mo.

For some reason, you choose to ignore that. It doesn’t really matter to me that you do. It just leads to stuff like you acting like you don’t know why I see the guy as a prime irritant.

By the way, are you secretly Charles Johnson?

Comment by Pastorius


Comment by The Crimson Reach

Here, this would be a good debate: Christie vs. someone with an actual brain and an actual set of both values and balls:


Imagine that.

After a debate like that, the groundscrew would be wiping up sprinkles and fritter droppings for hours.

Comment by Pastorius

Christie is fat, but not unmanly. And NJ small? We’re the the 11th biggest state in this freaking union. And that’s only if you don’t count dick size.

Comment by Nick B Steves

The Lion of the Blogosphere!

Comment by josh

Presumably, the president’s economic team must believe that the adverse employment effects become sufficiently large at some point that further increases are undesirable. – Mankiw

Do you think Obama believes this? I don’t think he does, in fact I’d just out and say he doesn’t care about any adverse employment effects. It’s almost surreal, where we have these “debates” that basically don’t mean anything because one side just isn’t remotely sincere.

Comment by Matt

Perhaps when bitcoin/USD increases a few more orders of magnitude, we will see actual hard-money banking become popular again. From the perspective of a non-maturity-transforming banking system, fractional reserve banking will look like giving an ape a grenade launcher – highly amusing but extremely risky.

Comment by Dave

Good stuff. “A worker can produce some amount of product. This makes their labor worth some number of dollars. Redefining wages by fiat doesn’t change that. It’s the economic equivalent of thinking you can make your house warmer by scratching out the numbers on your thermostat and writing in higher ones.

Prices are just signals. You can’t change reality by imposing your will on a map of the reality.”

Comment by Texan99

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