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February 25, 2013, 9:52 am
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A lot of naysayers say nay when it comes to watching to Oscars. Why watch? they say. (Nay! they also say, self-consistently.) Well, I’ll tell you why I watch**. For the PAGEANTRY.  (**Ed. note: Did not actually watch the Oscars.)

I am still concerned about Loose Nukes. Is there any update to this? Perhaps I’m overthinking this but I just can’t fathom why the Loose Nuke Tracker-Downer Super Squad would have been the absolute first on the chopping block in a ‘Debt-Ceiling-Induced Prioritization’ scenario but not be in any danger whatsoever in a ‘Sequester’ scenario (are ‘Prioritization’ and ‘Sequester’ that different? I shall have to check my copy of the Constitution). Yet the Ezra Kleins – i.e., legitimate journalists who were sincerely concerned about Loose Nukes under ‘Prioritization’ (and weren’t simply letting themselves be used as conduits for White House talking-points) – have been strangely silent about Loose Nukes under ‘Sequester’. You see? It just doesn’t compute.

Of course, maybe it’s because there’s going to be a ”DEAL”. I am so looking forward to the next ”DEAL”. There should be a ”DEAL” and it should be made by a ”GANG OF” some number between 7 and 13 (inclusive). I suggest 11. So: resolved, they should make a ”GANG OF 11” and that ”GANG OF 11” should do a ”DEAL” and then everything will be fine. They can push back the Cuts to Whenever. (I think a good time to implement these cuts would be Whenever.) John McCain could be one of the ”GANG” and he could talk angrily on TV about how Honorable the ”DEAL” they make is. I love how our government works, it is a fascinating process.

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I sure hope there’s no deal. The People-In-The-Know are all saying there’s not going to be a deal this time, and usually they say they’re still working on one and it just doesn’t appear until the last minute. I’m almost daring to hope that there will actually be no deal, but I’m still afraid they’re just trying to make this sequel even more suspenseful than the last one by not even pretending that they’re working on a deal and than… BANG! pulling it out at the last minute.

Comment by joshua

The People-In-The-Know were the ones freaking out telling us that it would be a “default” last time if there were no deal, and who were (purportedly) really genuinely sincerely worrying about “default” a lot. I’m not sure the People-In-The-Know know as much as you’d ideally want your in-the-know people to know. (Alternative explanation: they’re all disingenuous phonies.)

I think what the “GANG OF 15″ should do is – well let me back up. You may wonder why I’ve increased the size of the “GANG OF” to 15. It’s because, I wasn’t sure 11 was enough, so I was gonna go to my previous upper limit of 13, but then I remembered 13 is an unlucky number, so of course maybe you’d say they should be 14 for good luck, but I’m not sure that’s enough for this historic necessity. So, 15 it is. Has there ever been a “GANG OF 15″ before? It would be an historic and breathtaking precedent. I hope we get to see it.

Anyway, what the “GANG OF 15″ should do is to propose a Prioritization-for-Sequester swap. 1-for-1. Straight-up. Everything that was gonna be “Sequestered”, they just apply “Prioritization” to it instead. And vice versa. (Wait, what?)

I’m just saying, I think “Prioritization” got a total bad rap last time and I think this is the moment for it to shine.

These have been the further totally-serious views and commentary of The Crimson Reach.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

It’s pretty clear why we’d cut the Loose Nukes squad first. What if we cut the BS Red Tape squad and no one noticed? Worse, what if they cheered?

Comment by Texan99

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