Did they have a Oscars?
February 26, 2013, 12:23 am
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I heard they had a Oscars some night. What won? I hope Terms of Endearment won. I heard that’s a good one. Usually when I think Oscars I think Terms of Endearment. That’s your basic Oscar movie right there. (Note: never seen it.)

What is it even about? Does anyone know? The mind tries to parse, fails. How could it be explained, even in theory? “You see there’s these Terms. What sort of Terms? The kind that are of endearment. Those kind of terms. And that’s what the movie is about. Two hours of that.” And everyone loves it. Can’t get enough. Standing ovation. On the Oscars they’ll show clips of it I bet. And what are the clips? It’s like two people standing around, talking. Maybe one is crying or whatever. She has short red hair. Does something happen. Who knows? This is movies?? Also On Golden Pond. Sorry what? What about Golden Pond? Is there a waterski race or anything? Bzzt sorry. At most there’s a lot of cussing but after a while, that’s just not enough. Sorry.

See, I just don’t get Oscar taste. It’s the total opposite of something like BLUE THUNDER which is where, there’s this awesome helicopter called BLUE THUNDER which goes around solving crimes and blowing stuff up. (Plus whisper mode). With that you can totally get it. What the movie is about.

There is also Airwolf which you get them confused sometimes but Airwolf’s not as good in my book. It’s just on TV so I don’t think that qualifies. But BLUE THUNDER should be the winner if they do a Oscars but you know they’d never go for it. The whole thing’s a setup if you ask me. They never do the cool movies for Oscars. Just forget I brought it up anyways.

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Lol @ “do a Oscars” you’re hilarious

Comment by dana

Spoiler Alert:

At the end of Terms of Endearment, it turns out it was a DUDE THE WHOLE TIME!!!! WTF?!!!

Comment by josh

I think you’re thinking of THE PATRIOT GAMES with Harrison Ford and Brad Pitt. Cuz wasn’t that the one where they’re Irish? (Republicans). Who turn out to be dudes.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

I heard Fargo won. That’s pretty cool.

Comment by Pastorius

Wow. But isn’t that a Independent movie? They made it Independently. There was wheat garlands on the posters and everything. I wonder if this heralds in a new age. Of Independent cinema.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

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