All right which one of you is responsible for convincing these tech companies that we all wanted to have to wear watches again?
March 26, 2013, 2:01 pm
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The depressing thing about all these iWatch rumors is that not only do I hate wearing a watch, but I list among the many benefits of smartphones or even prior-generation not-so-smart cellphones the fact that they obviated the need to wear one. You can function perfectly fine with a phone in your pocket and no watch; a watch on your wrist but no phone will not fly. This is just an Extra Thing you have to lug around and recharge and remember to put on and remember not to forget and worry about whether it gets scratched. And it’s a watch which, from all the reporting I’ve seen, does absolutely nothing your iPhone doesn’t already do. Just with a smaller screen.

This weird ‘watch’ fetish these techies all reportedly now have is taking a step backwards: working on a product that their prior products had made obsolete. It’s rather like learning that Apple engineers are working hard on a standalone device that allows you to digitally keep track of all your contacts. Their names, and phone numbers! All handily stored and retrievable in a big black device. That you wear on your belt. That weighs 9 pounds. With a monochrome LCD display. Which uses a stylus for the input. Whose data you can download/backup/retrieve by taking it to one of 3,000 handy mall field-service locations.

What on earth are they doing?

The Google Glasses thing is marginally better but only in the sense that at least the technology itself seems kinda neato. From the looks of it a sane, non-sociopathic person wouldn’t be caught dead actually wearing and using one in their daily lives.

This has been RWCG Tech Talk(tm). Till next week!

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Google Glass has lots of false marketing too. They imply it will somehow make the world full of 3d awesomeness, with the ability to project a targeting reticle onto your friend’s forehead while you walk down the street.

In reality it’s going to be a dumbed-down android phone with a crappy interface.

Comment by Dave

Because really, who *wouldn’t* want to project a targeting reticle onto one’s friend’s forehead?

But yeah. Even if the technology *is* as awesome as claimed, I file it under ‘hey that seems neat, and I wouldn’t want to actually use it’, kinda like the Segway.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

If you are at church, you can check your watch but you can’t check your phone without looking really tacky. That’s all I can come up with.

Comment by GMR

I still wear a watch. I check the time more often than I dig in my pocket. It would be cool if said watch could magically do more things, I guess, assuming they solved the battery problems and strap problems that make me ok with buying a new $10 watch every year or so but not a $X00 one. But calm down, bro, let the market work.

Comment by joshua

I’m calm, I just want everyone else to be working hard on amazing magic toys that are more attuned to my particular tastes and needs. Is that so wrong???

Comment by The Crimson Reach

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