April 24, 2013, 10:07 am
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Is radical Islam sometimes just nihilism?

Derbyshire somehow found a way to outrage people again. Whatever the merits of the article itself, the ending metaphor of ‘anti-racist’ thought as a peacock-style mating strategy is not bad. Being able to get along with, maneuver amongst, and not be/feel physically threatened by the Brown Masses indeed might be something that subconsciously attracts the ladies – if deep down, subconsciously, the ladies are afraid of the Brown Masses.

What causes homosexuality?

We need to have a National Conversation about National Conversations.

They banned buying naked CDS on Euro sovereigns so people just buy them on Euro banks instead. Close enough. And of course, that puts everyone into ‘partial’ hedges rather than the exact hedges we’ve all decided, post-London Whale, are the only hedges we’ll accept as non-‘prop trading’. Nice job reformers.

A beautiful, moving Earth Day picture.

Apparently they still hold climate change conferences.

The funniest part to me about the crazy sorority email is that most of it went over my head: I literally don’t know what she’s even talking about. WTF is ‘post-gaming’? What’s even at stake here, when it comes to whatever it is she’s all worked up about? I’m sure I can’t err too much in just assuming (as I have) that she’s mostly telling her sorority sisters to have more indiscriminate/easy sex with whatever frat boys they happen to be in the same room with, but it sure would have made the letter easier to parse if she’d made that more clear.

I coulda told you that: PhD is a waste of time.

NYU prof tries to sue bigshot actor James Franco, lawsuit dropped because his lawyers can’t find him to serve the papers. Dumbest lawyers ever? Personally, I feel like I can’t get away from James Franco, his beady little eyes, his wispy facial hair, his prematurely-wrinkly face. He won’t go away!

Arnold Kling smackdown: “this is the same Jared Bernstein who co-authored a memo for President Obama saying that the multiplier is 1.54, as if we know what it is with that precision”. LOL. It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on the current value of “The Multiplier”. LOL@Economists.

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