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June 13, 2013, 11:30 am
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The U.S. Health Care System Doesn’t Need Price Controls. It Needs Price Signals.  Well yeah, but that would require it to be an actual market, not a ‘system’.

The. Best. Beatles. Cover. Ever.

Obamacare’s Moving Goalposts

Analyst:  “It’s not a recovery. It’s just bad.”  Hold on. Let’s remember the definition of ‘recovery’: the state of the economy when (a) the Presidency is held by a Democrat, and (b) the economy cannot plausibly be described as good. So technically, this is a both/and situation, not either/or.

I’m looking forward to putting on a London Whale-style trade in my 401k via the coming CDX-linked ETFs.

Quadratic Vote Buying, Square Root Voting, and Corporate Governance sounds interesting, but what’s so special about the exponent ‘2’? Why not have votes = (#shares) to the power of 1.9 or 2.1? Or how about the golden-ratio phi? I detect plenty of opportunity for academic research on this important perfect-vote-exponent subject.

How Gov’t Student Loans Ruined College Education

“Whether or not you’re a terrorist shouldn’t come down to how good of a hip-hop artist you are.”

Psychology Exam Question. Funny.

This Bryan Caplan post appears to have stumbled upon the Fundamental Error Of Lefty Economics (although in that example I guess he is implicitly accusing righties of making it).

ABC’s Alan Kohler on casino banking: banks create risk and gamble on it. Couldn’t agree more. Clearly banks should stop making loans because loans are risky and that’s gambling.

Kid Rock, Risk Manager.

All possible economic theories have been confirmed by recent events.

I guess I’m just curious how scientists tested the “vibratory thresholds in the anterior vagina” in a bunch of lady bicyclists, not to mention that “[t]he two areas affected most were the anterior vagina and the left labia”.

Do high haircuts intensify crash risk? is a post-title that I totally misinterpreted at first. ‘Yes, of course, because if the driver in front of you has a high haircut that reduces your visibility.’ Anyway the actual post is about asset haircuts, about which, it seems silly to talk about whether ‘high’ haircuts do this or that without adjusting for risk. Why would a haircut be ‘high’ in the first place? Presumably for a reason, right?

Why Does Anyone Think the Fed Will Taper? I certainly don’t. Even if I’d want them to!

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The. Worst. Beatles. Cover. Ever.

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