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August 6, 2013, 10:04 pm
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Welcome to a new feature here at RWCG that I’m calling Smart Takes™. (Yeah, sharp-eyed readers may notice that it’s just the same old thing where I dump some links I’d bookmarked and spew some words about them that I typed half-drunk.) (™.)

I don’t see the problem here. What right do we have to judge other ‘vibrant’ cultures? Shouldn’t we be celebrating their diversity?

It’s impossible to live on minimum wage. It’s a known medical fact that people who accept and work at a job paying their state’s minimum wage die shortly thereafter. (Why do minimum-wage discussions have to be so retarded? There’s basically no non-retarded pro argument.)

Ah Obamacare, incentivizing the great left-wing goal (?) of pushing everyone into part-time jobs.

Why should employers be responsible for the healthcare of a worker that works 30 hours a week, but not one that works 29? In an era where the availability of full-time work is decreasing globally, should the government not try to avoid worsening this phenomenon with arbitrary thresholds? Shouldn’t large firms be responsible for their part-time employees’ healthcare too?

Actually, no. Why would they? Should ‘large firms’ (which BTW, I thought we didn’t like arbitrary thresholds?) also be responsible for giving their employees haircuts, or is there some other way to arrange for allocating them that service? HEY! here’s an idea: firms (‘large’ or small) could just pay their employees in Money**. (**Pro econ tip: “Money” can be exchanged for goods and services.)

The myth of America’s missing software engineers. My one-size-fits-all reform idea is to increase the H-1B or guest-worker sponsoring costs to, like, $25k/year. I’m not sure what objection there can be. If it’s really true that US employers Really Want To Hire That Foreigner Because Of How Individually Special And What A Perfect Fit He Is For The Job they’ll gladly pay it. (If the whole thing is just a craven wage-arbitrage to take advantage of people who will, by definition, end up being indentured to the firm here with a second-tier legal status – then maybe not so much. But of course, companies shouldn’t do that and we shouldn’t want them to. Right, lefties?)

I didn’t even know The Bloodhound Gang was still around. (The one-hit-wonder ‘band’ (?), not the old PBS show, which was awesome.)

Powerline has some source saying the Benghazi/CIA scandal from last week ‘isn’t real’, which is convincing enough, I guess. I mean, I’ll go with it, sure, what the hell do I know? The problem though is that that was how I was defending the admin. in my mind. From the very beginning I have given the admin. lots of benefit-of-the-doubt, and I have also assumed that the weirdness/awkwardness of their response just traces to the fact that Benghazi was a cover for some sort of black op/gun running operation. If that isn’t true after all then I’m afraid I have to revert to the null hypothesis of incompetence bordering on dereliction. And then my original question of how on earth anyone justifies Obama’s post-attack rhetoric blaming the attack on an unknown Youtube video and on our societal insensitivity – if it wasn’t a diversion tactic to distract attention from their covert op after all – has to stand unanswered, as well. Seriously, the Obama admin is much better off just having everyone think there was a CIA op involved.

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I’ve been informed that a trend of employers shifting employees into part-time jobs to avoid paying benefits predates Obamacare. Therefore, Obamacare has nothing to do with any of this and can’t be blamed. I take it no further explanation is necessary.

And then my original question of how on earth anyone justifies Obama’s post-attack rhetoric blaming the attack on an unknown Youtube video and on our societal insensitivity

Easy…they don’t justify anything, and just don’t talk about it. See how effective that is?

Comment by Matt

Oh yeah. That’s how. Good point.

I agree that the new conventional-wisdom is that the move to part-time jobs is an inevitable historical force. Therefore, even if we dislike that, there’s no harm whatsoever in having the government speed it along. (I wonder why I don’t think of casting more of my policy-preference arguments in this fashion. I’m probably just dumb.)

Comment by The Crimson Reach

Don’t forget, it’s also inevitable that healthy adults just give up on working for a living and mooch off the welfare state:

Comment by Dave

Back from carousing.

For those RWCG readers paying attention. We got our asses kicked tonight. Lost 8-3.

Point by point

#1 You are brave to even mention the Bolivian Mennonites. I’m not saying anything. Otherwise I might be accused of something I’m not.

#2 You are correct. The whole minimum wage argument from those in favor of such stuff is completely stupid. Anyone with any sense knows the minimum wage law reduces employment opportunities for those that need to be employed the most. And those that need it most are young, poor, poorly educated, likely minority, and they are most in need of employment history and being able to demonstrate that they know how to work.

#3 Obamacare. There is so much wrong with Obamacare. But I (in my right wing conspiracy nut persona, which shows up every once in a while) believe that the whole thing was designed to fail. because then the left will trot out single payer as the solution. There has been nothing to increase our freedom of choice. There has been nothing to increase supply of medical care/services… Etc. etc. etc….

#4 There certainly isn’t a shortage of software engineers in the U.S. A $25k premium for a sys admin that speaks Telugu might be the right level of pain. Man… there is a lot about immigration that is interesting. For the most part we don’t hear any of the interesting bits from the MSM and the two teams in politics. You provided another nice link on this last week. I think the lefties are starting to understand. Hopefully it’s not too late. But I’ve always been an optimist.

#5 Bloodhound Gang… Meh… Is this another one of your made up bands?

#6 Benghazi…Meh…again. No one is ever going to be imprisoned or impeached over this clusterfuck. But I agree with your analysis. This must make you really happy.

I don’t know where you get off with trade marking this half drunk thing. I believe I’ve made this claim prior to your claim. I think you even encouraged my continuing to drink. At least that’s what I told my wife. (It has to be somebody else’s fault, you know.)

I’m off again. For a while anyway. Enjoy your morning coffee. I’ll be having afternoon coffee.

Comment by Mike

Bloodhoung Gang is indeed a made-up band, but not by me.

I’ll see you in court re: defense of your trademark.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

As an electrical engineer, the H1B visa thing makes me so angry.

Electrical engineers are the very definition of a class of people who are disconnected from politics, so they get away with this crap.

Imagine the outcry if the US Government tried to import 200,000 realtors into the country per year, or elementary teachers, or lawyers…

Comment by Dave

That would indeed be a sight to see. Why indeed not have a special Guest-Realtor program? I don’t see how it could be argued against consistently. Sure, there are plenty of Realtors in the country already, but they’re clipping a fricking ~6% off every home sale. That’s EXPENSIVE! I mean hell, not even CDO traders can get away with that…very often.

Being a Realtor and yet taking what I will arbitrarily decide is a more modest and reasonable fee (e.g. 0.25%?) is clearly a Job Americans Just Won’t Do. Hence we need to import some.

Seriously, there’s no consistent argument against doing this. I love it. :)

Comment by The Crimson Reach

This is an excellent point Dave. I can’t even imagine how loud the lawyers would scream. In addition to the realtors and their 6% commission, we also need to import more car dealers and beer distributors. We need more of all the rent seekers. This is now going to be my standard response.

In this day and age why do we need to import more labor of any type?

I was in the running to do a database project for a large national law firm. I lost out because they decided to use their Manila “service center.” Don’t need any H-1B visas for the drones in Manila that get paid way less than what I was bidding. So given this situation, why does Zuckerberg need more H-1B’s?

Comment by Mike

[…] The Crimson Reach pulls back the curtain. […]

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