The Lincoln Concierge
September 9, 2013, 4:14 pm
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I’m fascinated by this commercial for Lincoln.

From what I can tell:

A skinny beta guy steps to the curb and a cute multiracial model appears before him. She’s the “Lincoln Concierge”. She talks about the car or whatever (I couldn’t follow what she was actually saying), then disappears, as it is revealed that this is all a fantasy taking place in his head. He’s really sitting in front of his laptop at home, talking to some anthropomorphized web bot – the aforementioned “Lincoln Concierge” – on his computer screen.

Some lessons we learn from this commercial:

  • Beta white guys are passive consumers waiting for instructions & information regarding how to part with their money.
  • Nonwhites are the plugged-in future, they know what they’re talking about and make for the best professional, businesslike spokespeople.

Thus far, pretty much par for the course for TV commercial fare. So why does this fascinate me so much? Because of the woman in the background descending the stairs at the end. Why is she there?

Clearly it’s so we don’t think the guy is just being creepy. The ad-men who came up with this ad campaign were in love with their idea of the multiracial-model-“Lincoln Concierge” but were worried about the imagery of having the main guy sitting in front of a computer staring at a hot nonwhite model and fantasizing about her, thereby associating the Lincoln brand with such a thing (even though subconsciously, the whole purpose of putting a hot chick in a car commercial is precisely that). Can’t have that, goes a little too far. Solution?

“Give him a girlfriend. Just show her briefly. At the very end. You don’t even need to show her face, just the legs (she’s wearing a dress at home? or maybe a bathrobe to emphasize that their relationship is consummated and normal?). Enough so that the viewer knows she’s white, it’s all good, nothing weird or interracial or controversial going on. How will we show just her legs? I’ve got it; she’s walking down the stairs. Circular stairs. They live in a loft.”

I’m guessing but I’m 98% sure the thought process went pretty much as above.

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Well the thoughts about how they must have designed a commercial are more interesting than an ad letting us know that lincoln has a website, and now features bonus customer service/ sales people.

Comment by Tim

Everyone wants attractive minority servants to be shopping assistants, and the hot white wife in the loft shows you that if you’ve bought a Lincoln you’ve made it.

Comment by asdf

Notice though that the nonwhite cutie isn’t really a ‘servant’ she’s more of a messenger from the future. She’s better dressed and smarter than he is. She’s telling him about the great options he has because she knows about them and he doesn’t. She’s above him, not vice versa.

Meanwhile, the city loft situation (and what the stair-descending girl is wearing) doesn’t read as a married couple, and I don’t think he’s wearing a wedding ring (he opens his hand briefly near the end). Also if the idea were to display his ‘wife’ as a trophy of success of Lincoln-buyers why not actually show her face? We don’t even really know that she’s ‘hot’ and the model/’concierge’ is the far more memorable takeaway.

Indeed, to borrow a technique from Steve Sailer, we can try Google-Hotdar: type ‘lincoln concierge commercial’ into google. The next few prompts will be ‘girl’, ‘woman’ ‘model’ and I assume come from people trying to look up who she is. The concierge, not the stair-descender.

Here’s another commercial from the same line with the sexes reversed:

A white lady is web surfing about cars and the ‘concierge’ appears. (This time it’s a white guy though! Hmm…)

But the point is that it uses the same technique: when it pulls away to reality at the end, she is sitting on the couch next to a boyfriend. There was clearly a deliberate attempt to make sure the viewer understood that this fantasy ‘concierge’ relationship is not sexual. Which is hilarious to me :)

Comment by The Crimson Reach

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Comment by trasloco

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Comment by The Crimson Reach

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Comment by Matt

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We originally had beta guy screw the concierge in the back of the Lincoln but that was dropped. Next we had a black dude bang beta-man’s girlfriend upstairs while beta stares at his monitor until they’re done and Beta’s girlfriend comes down just in time to catch him in the act. Most of that was edited out.
But interesting analysis about the subtext of what remained. We did try reversing the sexes and skin color but decided the subtext would be that women and people of color need men, white men, to guide them.


Comment by AdGuy

Makes sense AdGuy. Thanks for the inside scoop.

Comment by The Crimson Reach

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who noticed this!

Comment by beachy

How do you determine her to be “multi” racial? She is a pretty black woman

Comment by Anonymous

I did some web searching & looked up who the actress is.

Comment by Crimsonic

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