The Rescuers Of Our Civil Discourse
January 17, 2011, 1:01 am
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So to summarize the Smart Person logic,

1. A madman assassinated a politician at a rally, and killed several in the crowd.

2. The politician has a (D) after her name.

3. The madman wasn’t black or Arab or Hispanic (in which case a different narrative entirely would have had to be constructed),


4. It follows that the madman was motivated by rhetorical expression of right-wing opinions in popular media. And in particular, by Sarah Palin.


Wow, that’s fucking brilliant. All y’all are fucking geniuses for that logical chain. I’m blown away by the sheer intellect you on the left’ve paraded for the rest of us in the past week or two. Truly, with such a deft command Facts And Science And Argument, y’all should be my masters. And I join you in sadly shaking your heads in lament at the loss of civility in our political discourse. High, reasoned, rational, respectably civil political discourse such as, oh I don’t know, MAKING UP ALL THAT SHIT ABOVE OUT OF YOUR BUTTS, AND BLAMING SARAH PALIN FOR SOME LOONEY MADMAN IN ARIZONA.

Nevermind that if you look at the guy’s actual politics they sound like they resemble nothing so much as, say, LaRouche-ism, and that he appears to have been mostly inspired by some kind of anti-religious, 9/11-truther, all-around crackpot film. IGNORE SUCH FACTS. They just get in the way of a lazy sloppy narrative. It’s Obama’s OKC!

I hear he made a great speech about it and everything.


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