Let’s Create Real, Not Made-Up, Jobs For Women
January 28, 2011, 7:48 am
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Been seeing a lot of chatter recently about the intersection of feminism, the sexual marketplace and progressivism. The basic pattern being observed is a cycle (whether virtuous or vicious depends on your POV) that resonates between female independence from men, female pursuit of alpha males, and female support for big government.

To describe the cycle (starting arbitrarily somewhere in the middle of it – it has no beginning or end):

The more women pursue and indulge alpha-male-exclusive fantasies, the less they have (stable, monogamous) relationships with men in their lives. The less monogamy and stability, the more big government women support. The more that government involves itself in and arrogates to itself the right to control, suckle, and nanny every aspect of human existence, the less pressure women will feel to have stable, monogamous relationships with men, and the more inclined they are to join alpha-male harems. The more they join alpha-male harems, the more they’ll need big government to be their husbands…

Compounding all this is a little-commented but not-unimportant side effect: as government gets bigger and power/money more concentrated, the few alpha males who come out on top of the game become that much more alpha. There’s far more ‘spoils’ accruing to a President, or Senator, or CEO of a firm tied to/dependent on government – which, increasingly, means virtually all firms – in a big-government world than in a small-government world; there’s far more in 2010 than there was in 1910. That makes those alphas that much more alpha, which makes alpha-pursuing women want them more, which only helps further the sort of society that creates these mega-alphas.

The end goal sought is, as stated brilliantly in the comment unearthed by Vox Day in the post linked above,

…a polyandryous society that still maintains a “Sex and the City” civilization. They somehow expect to limit sexual access to the five percent of men they find attractive while the rest toil away to make life easier and more comfortable for them.

It’s not clear how to halt or even slow down the progress of this development before it leads to real disaster.

So, as has happened before, the only thing I can really think of is ridicule. To that end, I need to observe that the key development enabling this cycle is that women, having been liberated and having (as they do) equal rights, now have jobs – in fact they seem to be doing better in the workforce than men. And don’t get me wrong; women being able to work, by itself, is obviously a good thing. But it is what allows women to be independent, and marry later, and date (or just sleep with) a lot of alpha guys with no real concern for eventual settling down. In other words their jobs are the fuel for the feminism/alpha-chasing/big-government cycle.

Here’s where the ridicule comes in: a disproportionate number of those ‘jobs’ (when compared with the jobs men do) wouldn’t exist without the government. Essentially, they are made-up, cushy, silly jobs that were basically invented, often by women, to give women something to do. Because otherwise, there’d be nothing for all these women, who want all these jobs for their independence, to actually do. Nobody would pay them to do (non-sexual) things, out of their own volition; they needed to harness the power of the government – men with guns – to take money away from others and create (directly or indirectly) ‘jobs’ for women to do. By definition, such ‘jobs’ aren’t – can’t be – contributing anything to society. They didn’t arise out of genuine need, they arose out of nagging and campaigning, or nannying and worrywartism, or something other than genuine economic need.

patty and selma

The ‘jobs’ held by Marge Simpson’s sisters on The Simpsons (chain-smoking unpleasant trolls of the DMV) are the canonical example. The reason The Simpsons has been so funny for so long is because much of its humor rings so true; it is closely-observed, and Marge’s sisters are no exception. I have seen, and you have too, real-live DMV employees exactly like that: Large, unpleasant, heavy-set middle-aged women grudgingly shuffling over to the copy machine at a snail’s pace to grab the printout of the form you had to stand in line for 75 minutes to pick up. The details vary but a lot of womens’ “jobs” are pretty much just like that. They work in an office somewhere. They work with a lot of paper. There are some government rules or regulations and they have to comply with them. They have to have, or set up, weekly meetings about this and that. They have to fill out forms about this and that. People are required to go see them, or make an appointment with them, or ask them to schedule an appointment with someone else, or call them, all of it because of some rule, or regulation, created by the government. They don’t produce or create or sell something. In one way or another they are basically glorified day-care workers tasked with keeping an eye on this or that aspect of society – this or that ‘classroom’ – so that real stuff can get done elsewhere.

I’m painting with a broad-brush here, obviously. I have to, for maximal ridicule. Obviously I’m not describing all jobs held by women, or even (necessarily) a majority of them. There are female scientists and saleswomen and engineers and writers and doctors (to name some non-made-up jobs that come to mind). Of course there are. And there are jobs held disproportionately by men (soldier, for example) that wouldn’t exist without the government.

But let me just try this:

(a) would the job Diversity Coordinator exist without the government?
(b) if I told you someone was a Diversity Coordinator, and you had to guess their sex, what would your guess be?

How about: the HR person who explains your health care plan to you when you start a new job, or an HR anything really. Same questions, (a) and (b). Or, someone works in compliance at a corporation. (a) and (b). Someone who works at a nonprofit that campaigns for government ‘clean-energy’ funds, or a nonprofit anything, really. (a) and (b).

Now, to sober up a bit here, I admit it’s not like there are no men in these sorts of jobs. There are. But what is true is that (a) these jobs wouldn’t really exist, or would exist in lesser numbers at least, without government priming or politicizing of one sort or another, and (b) they are disproportionately female (I think).

MIWBIIN*, why would that be? Why are made-up jobs disproportionately held by women? Why can’t oh-so-independent women cut it in the real world – make real economic contributions – without the embarrassing and belittling crutch of government either artificially spawning endlessly larger bureaucracies for them to run, or needlessly writing endlessly intrusive regulations for them to nanny?

Once I praised The Office as my favorite conservative show, particularly for its portrayal of salesmen. (Have you noticed how often I link to myself by the way? I have! That’s because my blog is so awesome that it has lots of good posts on everything.) More recently I pointed out that it’s gone downhill. One small but notable development I hadn’t mentioned was that Pam, who had long aspired to be an artist, and then more recently wanted to be in sales, has now become the ‘Office Manager’, which was a job she made-up. A non-job. A job that didn’t really exist, and which has no observable tangible duties that I can see. (In one episode she decided to make a ‘My New Year’s Resolutions’ bulletin board; okay so that’s 0.25 hours, what is she doing for the remaining 39.75 hours of the week? You got me.) Why, you might ask, do they even keep her on? Well basically (to combine the TV logic & the intrinsic logic on the show), because even though she wasn’t a good saleswoman and generates no revenue for the firm, she’s pretty, and people like her, and people would get mad if she weren’t on the show, and would feel sorry if she got laid off or fired or something. So, let’s give her something to do and keep giving her a paycheck. And then pat her on the back, because look, she’s ‘independent’!

This is what I’m talking about, in microcosm.

Let me try to end this post on a positive, optimistic note by stating my observations as a challenge: if women have equal rights (and, surely they do), and have equal potential (as I believe they do, if in different dimensions), there should be plenty of work for them to contribute to the private sector – without the direct or indirect prompting of government, nannyism, phoniness, style over substance, etc. So maybe that’s the key to ending or at least interrupting the feminism/big-government cycle: create real, genuine jobs for women to do, jobs that help to create actual profits, jobs that make actual positive economic contributions to society – instead of the jobs that so many of them, all too many, actually do have. And the great news is, feminists should be totally on my side here – because they, like me, believe women are equally capable of making economic contributions as men (right?) – thus they should be totally on board with what I’m saying.

So who’s with me – no more ‘nonprofit’ or bureaucratic paper-pushing work for women – so demeaning! They’re better than that! (Right?) I say, it’s time to put women to work in generating actual things, goods, and profits – just like men. There’s gotta be something meaningful and profitable they can do.

Any ideas?

[*MIWBIIN=Maybe I’m wrong but if I’m not]

Where Everybody Knows Your Name
December 16, 2010, 3:57 am
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The decline of The Office presents an interesting puzzle, because optically pretty much all the same characters and ingredients are there that ever made it good in the first place. I’ve decided that the reason is that the actors basically all just like each other too much. They all seem really comfortable with each other, they’re all having a really good time, enjoying the endless playing around with & riffing off their by-now entrenched characters – it’s like watching a close-knit group of college friends make a bunch of in-jokes with each other, and laugh and laugh, and get paid good money doing it.

It’s excruciating to watch.

But it seems to be a common pitfall; it’s exactly what happened to Cheers.

I’ve decided a key ingredient for an ensemble cast is that they can’t all get too comfortable with each other. I need to be on the lookout for TV shows/movies where some of the actors hate each other’s guts. I don’t have the stomach for much else.

November 15, 2009, 11:53 pm
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“Progressivism” is the art of using one’s deft vocabulary and the halo of one’s overeducation to passive-aggressively pick other peoples’ pockets and be admired for it. It is the most lucrative, if not the only, form of street-thievery available to physical cowards. The end-goal of every “progressive” is to be set up in a sinecure given to them by Society in exchange for the privilege of hearing their highly loquacious and enlightened views on which other peoples’ pockets should be picked, a sinecure that simultaneously lets them order people around and be the center of attention yet be loved for it.

This is why Michael Scott of The Office is the quintessential “progressive” archetype. As a parody/extreme version of the type, and by consistently being 100% inept in his efforts at playing the “progressive” part, he lays bare the true “progressive” id in its naked form. Real “progressives” are unlike Michael Scott only in the sense that they are likely to be more adept at hiding their self-centeredness, their self-righteousness, their puerile need to be celebrities, their fundamental loneliness and hollowness.

UPDATE: I’m almost at the point where the only appropriate response to a ‘progressive’ is “fuck you too”. After all, if political debates were being conducted more honestly, the ‘progressive’ side would be saying, about 99.9% of the time, “give me your money and fuck you”. So yeah, fuck you too.

The Forgotten Conceit
September 26, 2008, 2:33 am
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Watching The Office premier, it occurred to me, I bet that camera crew that’s been filming in the Dunder-Mifflin Scranton office for like four years now (and also, following some of the employees to their homes or other off-site excursions) is getting pretty stir-crazy. Just imagine if your job were to film those employees all day and sometimes weekends too.

Also, you’d think they’d have more than enough footage for the documentary they’re shooting by now. But I know very little about documentary filmmaking. Anyway, I can’t wait till the finished product comes out.


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